Winters in Sydney are often classified as mild, but handling the cold still involves more than just bringing the heater out from the storeroom.

Here are some things you can do to ensure you and your home are ready for the chillier, and at times, wetter conditions of winter.

Clean up and assess your home

Now is the time to really prepare your home and make sure it’s in top shape. Why? Because it’s still relatively pleasant to be outdoors and you can preempt things from even going wrong in the first place.

Clear your drains and gutters of dirt, leaves and other debris so they’re ready to handle downpours when they occur.

It’s also a good idea to go around the house and check for any leaks, especially in the roof. Not only does a ‘loose’ roof mean rain can get into your home, but it also means it won’t be airtight and the house will lose heat during winter.

Next, check your home for any signs of mould. Wintry weather conditions can cause rising damp and contribute to mould problems so double and triple check those darker and damper areas of the house including any walk-in robes, bathrooms or cupboards and if mould is present, get the experts in to assess. They can advise you how to improve the ventilation before the problem intensifies.

Finally, ensure your home is well insulated. There’s no point putting the heater on if the warm air is just going to escape through cracks and uncovered windows and doors. Seal all the gaps in your windows and doors, and make sure any sub-floor ventilation is all a-okay.

Prepare your outdoor area

We’re very fortunate with the weather here in Sydney and even during the winter months, it’s dry enough to enjoy the outdoors.

However, it can still be a tad chilly so it’s well worth preparing your outdoor area. Whether this means a full reinvention or the installation of some outdoor heaters, shutters or blinds, ensuring your outdoor area can be utilised in the winter means you’re making the most of your home all year round.

Rethink your blinds

While sheer curtains definitely look beautiful and are right on trend, they’re not so good at protecting you from the cold. If you’re finding your rooms are a tad chilly, invest in some heavier, layered or insulated curtains or roller blinds to complement the sheer ones.

This doesn’t mean you need to do away with your gorgeous curtains, but it may mean layering another set underneath or on top. Anyone who’s lived in a draughty Sydney terrace knows what we’re talking about!

Introduce some layers and new textures

Is there anything better than stretching out on the couch, a warm heater on or the fire raging, and snuggling up under a blanket? We don’t think so either. Bring out the warm ones and layer them as throws on the couch.

It’s also worth popping some extra thick blankets on the beds around the house to warm you up as the nights get colder. Some plush velvet, chunky throws or even a weighted blanket will definitely do the trick.

If you have tiles, floorboards or concrete floors, it’s also a good idea to invest in some rugs.

Embrace the cooler weather

Yes, it’s colder outside but there are still plenty of ways you can enjoy the cooler weather. Luckily for us, Sydney winters tend to be bright and sunny so it’s still a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors.

Head outside for some exercise, explore the city or snuggle up under a blanket over a lunchtime picnic. Then head home to your cosy house and enjoy the warmth.

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