The Australian climate is famous for good reason. One thing we know for sure this summer? Sydney will be hot. It’s definitely time to think about installing outdoor blinds or shutters.

Of course, there are several factors to consider before leaping into the purchase. So what are the 5 things to consider when choosing outdoor blinds and shutters?

1. Have some idea of your budget

Before you do anything, you really should decide on a budget for your outdoor space. The budget needs to include the cost of materials, design and, of course, installation.

If there’s any area where you shouldn’t be skimping, it’s the installation. The most beautifully made products will literally fall down if you don’t put them up properly.

2. Don’t overthink your choices

There are so many options and designs that you’ll be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed. Whether it’s outdoor blinds or shutters, or whether you’re going to focus on awnings for your outdoor space, there are still different colours, styles, materials and finishes to consider.

What you should be looking for in a design however, is something that offers airflow and light, while keeping the sun, wind and rain at bay.

And then, of course, there’s colour and style to consider as well. When it comes to style, there are a range of options, from elegant to modern and everything in between. In terms of colours, it’s a question of whether you complement the décor of your home or contrast against it. Decisions, decisions. Ask the experts, they’re great at making decisions!

3. Get to know your climate

Here’s the question you need to ask: what is the general climate where you live and is your home susceptible to extreme weather conditions? Insert joke about Sydney storms here. These considerations will likely influence what kind of outdoor solution if best for you.

Remember, while we’re heading into the summer months and likely considering outdoor options to help keep the heat and sun at bay, these blinds, shutters or awnings also need to be effective in the cooler months as well, so they also need to help keep the wind and rain out too. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor area all year round.

4. Consider ease of operation

There’s nothing worse than struggling to sort out your outdoor solution when a storm or sudden downpour hits, or enjoying a sunset only to get swamped by mosquitoes.

Your outdoor shutters, blinds or awnings should be easy to operate, and their ease of operation will largely depend on your choice of style. Many options for alfresco shades or awnings can be motorised, meaning all you need to do is touch a button and they retract or extend.

This also provides the added benefit of safety as there are no cords involved. Of course, this does usually come at a higher cost but this can all be factored into your budget right at the beginning.

5. Durability is key

Any choice you make when it comes to your home needs to be durable. Why install a fixture or a feature if you’re going to have to replace it within a few years? Opt for high quality over cheaper alternatives. They’ll last longer and provide better protection. While the lower priced alternatives can be tempting due to their smaller price tag, the higher quality options won’t fade, warp, crack or split, and they’ll hold up to harsh conditions such as rain and wind.

Personal choice is a huge influence in choosing outdoor blinds or shutters. Whatever option you choose has to work for your lifestyle, your personality and your home. Good luck, and happy summer.

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