Motorised Curtains

Elegant, responsive and flexible to any space, motorised and automated curtains are a reliable choice for anyone wanting ease of use.

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How do motorised curtains work?

Curtains run on tracks. With motorised curtains, the tracks are automated to open and close with a remote, via phone apps or on a timer.

We partner with best-in-class provider Somfy, whose motorisation and automation software allows you to control the mechanism via an app, tracking the position of your awning or blind via radio technology and even programming the app to remember your favourite settings.

Automate the mechanism to close at a certain time of the day according to the sun’s UV rays and open as the sun begins to disappear so you can truly protect every element of your outdoor and indoor areas.

What kind of spaces suit motorised curtains?

A motorised curtain will suit any space, but particularly bedrooms, to take advantage of natural light, and living areas, to take advantage of views.

Take a look at our gallery below and you can see that the only limit to motorised curtains is likely your imagination.

Consider your furniture choices

Quiet elegance of motorised curtains take your rooms to another level of luxury.

What kinds of motorised curtains do we offer?

Mansours works with a range of suppliers to ensure there’s a choice for every space.

As Sydney’s original custom window treatment specialist we pride ourselves on our range of high quality products, so we’re particularly proud to offer award-winning Somfy automation to power your motorised curtains.

[subhead] What do I need to know before I install motorised curtains?

There are a few key points to consider before you finalise your choices of fabric and motorisation. Take a look at these two keys points you should know before install:

1. Type of installation. Window size and fabric weight impact the torque exerted by a motorised system.

2. Quiet motorised systems. To obtain excellent acoustic performance you need to be careful in your selection – only choose high quality, trusted brands, select smooth fabric, and get in professional installers like us.

Consider your furniture choices

Somfy automation technology is a smart integrated home option.

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