Indoor Automation & Motorisation

Want curtains and blinds that look great, fit any space and silently open and close via app or remote? Indoor home automation and motorisation is technology that will change the way you live. 

Want more information about indoor automation? Check out our motorised indoor blind and curtain options below.

Motorised indoor blinds and curtains

Curtains run on tracks and blinds on cords or rails. With motorised curtains and blinds, these can operate via remote, phone apps or automated on a timer.

When purchasing motorised blinds and curtains, make sure you know the brand you’re using is reliable, and the fabric you’re choosing will work with the motorised components. Too heavy and it won’t work; too noisy and you’ll never enjoy it; too unreliable and you’ll give up.

As Sydney’s original window treatment specialist we have the experience of working with best-in-class partners from Australia and overseas.

For motorised curtains and blinds we partner with Somfy. Innovative and reliable, their motorisation tech and automation software allows you to:

  • control the mechanism via an app
  • track the position of your awning, curtain or blind via radio technology
  • program the app to remember your favourite settings

Every space is accessible for motorised blinds and curtains

Motorised blinds and curtains are great in any setting. There are two particular areas of use in which they really shine:

Motorised curtains are excellent for controlling natural light in sleeping spaces and seamlessly accessing views in living spaces
Motorised blinds are perfect for windows that are oddly shaped, hard to reach or have intense sun access

Take a look at our gallery below and you can see that the only limit to motorised blinds and curtains is likely your imagination.

Want more information on how to use motorised and automated outdoor solutions? Take a look here.

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