Honeycomb & Pleated Blinds

Ever wondered what the inside of honeycomb looks like? Just check out the side-view of these blinds and you’ll get a good idea.

But honeycomb blinds are more than just mouth-watering. They’re super insulating, dramatically reducing the workload of your air conditioner or heater and as a result, dramatically reducing your electricity bill too. How? The unique honeycomb-shaped cells trap the air from the outside before it enters the room, meaning your indoor temperature will be kept as constant as possible.

They come in a range of different styles and fabrics, meaning you can find a honeycomb blind to suit your room and your tastes. Better yet, you can motorise them so you don’t even have to pull a cord if you don’t want to. There’s also a choice between bottom-up or top-down models, meaning you can slightly open the blinds at the top only, giving you more privacy and still letting light in. When raised fully, the blind stacks neatly and tightly against the rail, so they’re almost 100% out of view.

They’re light, practical and durable, and can be custom made to suit any size window or door.

Not sold on Honeycomb and pleated blinds? We have plenty of other Blinds options!

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Want to know more?
Call our design experts today for a free quote