Wave Sheer Curtains

Simple, yet elegant, wave sheer curtains soften any space within a home and look beautiful alongside contemporary or classic design. 

Providing an airy, light and classic look, sheer curtains allow for natural sunlight to spill through the room, without the glare often associated with the sunshine, bringing extra warmth and light into any space. 

Adding even more sophistication, wave fold curtains provide a contemporary look without being too flashy. They close smoothly and, as the name suggests, when shut, look like a wave or S pattern, continuing along the length of the window or door.

Because of the soft fold, the curtains drape beautifully and have been known to truly transform a space due to the movement and texture of the fabric.

Features of sheer curtains:

  • Provide day time privacy with natural light
  • Glare reduction especially when using darker toned fabrics
  • Different varieties of fabrics including cotton, linen, polyester and combination yarns

Consider combining sheer curtains with solid blockout curtains as a double track system. The sheers provide daytime privacy while the heavy drapes help with light control and insulation, providing nighttime privacy and blockout functions. 

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Want to know more?
Call our design experts today for a free quote