Outdoor Automation & Motorisation


Outdoor living space is usually at a premium in Sydney. Whether it’s raining or shining, and all points in between, automation and motorisation of outdoor awnings, curtains and blinds can make your space bigger and better.

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Motorised outdoor blinds, curtains and awnings

Weather can be rough on our treasured outdoor play spaces. Wind, rain, and harsh sun are all factors of Sydney weather. Motorised and automated outdoor blinds, curtains and awnings take the hassle out of outdoor living.

Whether you want to seamlessly frame a view or shelter your outdoor dining, motorisation means you don’t have to move – you can control the angle, reach and shading with a remote or phone app.

Automation means your motorised outdoor blind or awning can be set to a favourite time and mode; can respond to weather, and can be controlled from other locations.

The technology behind motorised outdoor blinds, curtains and awnings

As Sydney’s original window treatment specialist we have the experience of working with best-in-class partners from Australia and overseas.

For motorised curtains and blinds we partner with Somfy. Innovative and reliable, their motorisation tech and automation software allows you to:

  • control the mechanism via an app
  • tracking the position of your awning, curtain or blind via radio technology
  • program the app to remember your favourite settings

When purchasing motorised blinds and curtains, make sure you know the brand you’re using is reliable, and the fabric you’re choosing will work with the motorised components. Too heavy and it won’t work; too noisy and you’ll never enjoy it; too unreliable and you’ll give up. We know!

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Motorised Awnings & Blinds

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