Plush, dramatic and warm, velvet is a totally on point design trend for 2019.

As a design trend, velvet is certainly one for the ages. Samples of velvet fabrics have been found in China, dating way back to around 221 BCE. In the 13th and 14th centuries Egypt produced much of the world’s velvet and exported it to Venice. This is why we associate the textile with nobility.

Fast forward and velvet is a key design trend for 2019, along with all things textured.

So why do we love velvet?

  • From a design perspective is works with almost every other texture.
  • If you’re happy to work with dark colours, it often means it’s easier to see the plush hand of the material.
  • It looks great in dark colours, which look plush, as well as neutral and paired-back colours which look more subtle.
  • It comes is a huge range of finishes – crushed, patterned, draped, soft…

Here are four ways to incorporate velvet into your interior design.

1. Dress the windows

There is, of course, the obvious choice when it comes to window dressings, and that’s velvet curtains. These add elegance to any room and are the perfect way to block out the light, and as an added bonus, any surrounding sounds.

If full velvet curtains are too heavy for your liking, there are still ways to incorporate the fabric into your window dressings. A more contemporary take on the classic fabric is to weave it into another. Linen curtains, for example, look very chic with a strip of velvet running through or alternatively, around the edge.

2. All of the pillows

Sometimes, less is more. Velvet can be a pricey material, especially if you want the good stuff. It can also look quite heavy in a room if not used appropriately. That’s why, for some people, using velvet for little pops of colour seems to be the perfect compromise. A lovely way to incorporate velvet into your cushions or pillows is to layer them against each other. Mix and match with different colours and other textures. Use velvet cushions on your couches, your bed or armchairs to spruce up the seat.

3. Pops on furniture

Is there anything more luxurious than a velvet couch? Whether you’re choosing a brand-new piece of furniture or reupholstering something you’ve had for years, velvet adds glamour and elegance to any furnishing. If you don’t want a whole couch, why not grab a velvet armchair or ottoman.

For those wanting to incorporate velvet into your dining area, why not consider some gorgeous velvet chairs? Wait until the kids leave home, though!

4. Accessorise your home

For those wanting to cautiously dip your toes into the velvet pool, there are still ways you can slowly and simply feature velvet in your home décor. Get creative with lamp shades, throws for the couch or bed, frames or artworks.

You can even use a velvet headboard for your bed, rather than the traditional cotton or linen. While velvet conveys boldness and drama, as a bedhead, it can soften the area, bringing a sense of tranquility.

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