We’ve said ‘sayonara’ to 2018. As we welcome the new year, the question is, what design trends will we be seeing for 2019?

We sat down with Mansours guru Ryan Mansours to find out.

1. Natural imperfections

Last year saw a huge uptick in the popularity of natural and sustainable fabrics. This year the trend will only get stronger.

Linen is key here. There are two main reasons for this – it’s natural and it’s imperfect.

People don’t necessarily want a textile to look perfect anymore, they want a consistent imperfection.

It’s all about the texture and often, natural and sustainable fabrics achieve this ‘flawed’ aesthetic.

2. Make it textural

Natural fabrics are part of another key trend for 2019: texture. In 2019, texture is king, both to look at and to touch.

Think marble patterns, matte metal finishes, timber or scalloped glass, velvet curtains and textured wallpaper.

Where previously consumers pared back their luxury touches, there’s more appetite for rich textures this year, and more confidence that it will look fabulous.

3. Get expressive with colour

Get creative and get colourful, because the 2019 design trends are all about multi-everything.

The great thing about this trend is that it’s all about spontaneity and experimenting. Plus, it’s the perfect way to express yourself.

Embrace bright, bold colours, innovative materials and dynamic patterns, and layer different textures.

Wondering how to implement all of this? A great idea is to bring the colour in through your accessories.

4. Gold meets matte black

In terms of a specific colour pairing we’ll see much more of this year, matte black is popping up left, right and centre for 2019. Gold is one of the colours recommended by Pantone in the 2019 Classico range.

Black in itself is bold. Pair it with gold and it’s a recipe for the dramatic.

It’s a pairing that can be applied across all areas of the home, from light fittings to cushion covers and curtain rods. It’s a nod to another great trend for 2019: Art Deco.

5. Dress the walls and the windows

Wallpaper and window dressings will continue to be on trend for 2019.

The good news is you can be as creative and daring as you wish when it comes to these design elements.

We’ll see the multi layering trend continue, using beautiful sheer curtains as the calm backdrop to statement drapes.

Sheer fabric allows filtered light in while softening the space, catching the light.

So while you keep an eye out for the trends of 2019, don’t forget the most important design expert to take inspiration from is you.

A space that mirrors you and your personality will remain on trend for 2019 and beyond. Good luck, and have fun!

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