From tiny balcony to massive backyard, Aussies love an outdoor area. Find out five easy ways to reinvent your outdoor decor, for cool respite in summer or cosy afternoons in winter.

Outdoor Design Tip #1: Create zones

Large space or small courtyard, creating different zones is a surefire way to make the best use of the area and truly reinvent your outdoor space.

When it comes to zoning, the first step is figuring out how you will be using your outdoor space. Will you be regularly dining outside? Do you have kids who require a bit of space to play? Would you like a space specifically dedicated to relaxation?

Then, plan, plan, plan. Create a shady zone with an awning for play. Section an eating area with bench seating. Make sure every corner has its purpose and you’ll find yourself using your space year round.

Outdoor Design Tip #2: Include some greenery

Whether you’ve got a green thumb or just the opposite, greenery is a must.

Do some research about what will grow in your space. Try the Sydney Water plant selector tool if you’re after something specific to your soil type or watering habits.  Then get planting, or potting.

You don’t have to go big in order to make an impact. Even a small herb garden can make a space feel completely different. Plus, your cooking can reap the rewards. 

Outdoor Design Tip #3: Install some fixed elements

While ‘fixed elements’ does have a certain ‘final’ ring to it, installing a pergola, deck or gazebo is a lovely way to refresh your outdoor space.

It also helps with that zoning issue we were talking about earlier so really, you’re killing two birds with one stone here.

Fixed elements can even include things like pizza ovens or fire pits, which encourage you to get outside to star gaze while you cook.

Outdoor Design Tip #4: Utilise texture

Whether it’s your furniture, outdoor blinds, the upholstery or the rugs, utilising texture is possibly the easiest way to reinvent and refresh your outdoor space.

On top of this, when the seasons change, you can change these elements too, so your outdoor area will constantly look brand new.

Bring some colour via outdoor cushions, or find some weather proof lounges. Use an outdoor rug to bring some elegance or fun into the space. Add outdoor blinds to frame the space and make sure its usable in all weather.

Outdoor Design Tip #5: Have some fun

Don’t take your outdoor decor too seriously. It’s outdoors, so nature will win!

Quirky features like outdoor games, stepping stones or an outdoor chandelier can add character and charm to your space.

There’s no need to find brand new pieces either. A gorgeous second-hand mirror or light from an op shop or antiques dealer is a lovely way to add a bit of personality.

Summer is well and truly here. So, don’t you want to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible? Outdoor spaces can often be forgotten when we’re reinventing, refreshing and renovating our homes. But sometimes, they’re the most enjoyable to redo.

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