Despite what the stark Kardashian-West residence would have you believe, 2019 is the year we saw minimalism finally lose its style supremacy. It’s been overtaken by a more layered look, and we’re definitely here for it. 

The best part? We’re free to embrace vintage styles from all eras. From velvet to the colour of coral, here’s how you can embrace the past for now.

1. Vintage fabrics, wallpapers and patterns​

It’s no secret that velvet is back on the rise. But there are also a whole lot more vintage and retro-inspired trends making their comeback to the interior design scene in the form of fabrics, wallpaper or patterns.

The biggest comeback is chenille, evoking 1970s style. The gorgeous fabric can be used on beds, rugs, cushions and more and is a lovely nod to the era.

Talking wallpapers, we’re looking at eclectic patterns, strong stripes, pretty florals and funky colours.

2. Retro appliances

A vintage element that’s really being embraced, and has been for the past few years, is retro appliances. Bold colours and rounded edges really make a statement. 

Think Smeg throwback fridges and the vintage-style KitchenAid mixer. Updated versions also include ovens, microwaves, fridges, dishwashers and tapware. The appliances usually feature old-school knobs, vintage-style handles and a stainless steel trim

And then, of course, there’s colour and style to consider as well. When it comes to style, there are a range of options, from elegant to modern and everything in between. In terms of colours, it’s a question of whether you complement the décor of your home or contrast against it. Decisions, decisions. Ask the experts, they’re great at making decisions!

3. Pop and personality

When it comes to pop and personality, it’s not just colours and textures we’re talking about, it’s also all about the furniture. 

Antique and vintage furniture pieces truly stand the test of time and they should be proudly displayed in your home. If need be, get them reupholstered so they last even longer and if you’re feeling really brave, get them done in some gorgeous vintage-inspired fabrics. 

When it comes to colour, think retro – bold, bright and groovy. While modern retro tends to be a bit more restrained, using small pops of colour rather than whole walls, it’s time to have a bit of fun. 

Grab a mustard yellow armchair, a cool red magazine holder, some emerald green couch cushions or a fuschia throw.

4. Art Deco 2.0

When you think of Art Deco, you conjure images of curved furniture, retro patterns and fixtures, and bright, bold colours. Keen to give Art Deco 2.0 a try? 

Embrace shapes, incorporate loads of colour and introduce some lush fabrics. The key thing at the moment though is using a more modern style of Art Deco where the ornate details so often associated with the style are remarkably paired back. A rug with a geometric pattern, a glamorous mirror or some stylish ornamental homewares are enough. 

You can also introduce Art Deco through your lighting. We’re talking sconces or wall lamps with sleek matt finishes and swing arms. We’re also talking about gold, gold, and more gold, which is a definite trend for interiors. Incorporate it through your fixtures, your lighting or even your furniture with some gorgeous gold accents on patterned curtains, cushions or throws.

This also provides the added benefit of safety as there are no cords involved. Of course, this does usually come at a higher cost but this can all be factored into your budget right at the beginning.

5. Vintage meets contemporary 

Perhaps what sums the use of vintage right up is the name ‘new vintage’ – mixing vintage with modern. To avoid sliding into grandma territory by filling your home to the brim with antiques, curate the style with some modern elements too and you’ll be super trendy in no time. 

A key tip is to use one main item of furniture in the room and make it the antique one. For example, grab an antique side table or couch. Then add layers around it using contemporary colours, textures and materials.

Another tip is to utilise the imperfections that so often come with vintage furniture. Embrace the lack of symmetry and the individuality and play off it with your decorative style.

Exude vintage style in your contemporary design and you’ll ensure your home is bang on trend.

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