Everyone wants a gorgeous master bedroom, a sanctuary to call their own.

It’s a place to escape to, so it needs to be your dream space. And remember, often, master bedrooms include more than just the bedroom, incorporating a walk-in-robe, an ensuite and perhaps even a small sitting area to kick back in. In fact, 2019 is apparently the year of the luxury master bedroom suite

So where should you start?

1. Get the layout right

In the planning stages of your redesign, really think about the space you have and how you want to use it. While you want your bedroom to be beautiful, it also needs to be practical. 

Consider things like where the natural light is and how best to utilise it, where the entrance to the walk-in-robe or ensuite should be, how you should frame the bed, and whether you have the space for and want to create an additional living area.

2. Choose calm colours

We’re all loving Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year, Living Coral. Feeding off this, according to Dulux’s 2019 colour predictions, hues that soothe and soften are front and centre for this year. While beige and tan will have their moment in the spotlight, we’re also looking at the soft hues of mint and sage which will make a breakthrough. 

Embrace this palette through your bedroom accessories – your bed linen, cushions and throws. You can even pop an occasional chair in there featuring a gorgeous soft colour. The good thing about incorporating calm colours in this way is that as the trends change, you can just swap out the accessories. More important than this however, is creating a calm and relaxing space, thanks to your colour choices.

3. Consider the scale and size of your furniture​

If you’re shopping for new furniture, consider the size you’ll need carefully. You may want a huge king size bed but it may not fit in your room comfortably. 

It’s also important to think about how you will move around the room. Choosing heavy or bulky furniture may decrease the amount of space you have around the bed to move (and who wants to be  banging into things in the dark?).

4. Create one feature or focal point​

You don’t want too many feature pieces or they’ll all start to detract from each other. 

Choose a feature light, a spectacular bedhead or super trendy chair and work around that one focal point. Remember, a busy bedroom is not conducive to a restful sleep.

5. Dress the windows​

A big mistake many people make is not prioritising privacy and the biggest area where privacy can be compromised is the windows. So dress them. There are so many choices for bedroom window coverings. 

Want a luxurious soft, floaty feel? Choose some gorgeous curtains that fall to the floor. Curtains that go to the floor also create an illusion of space which is an added bonus for smaller rooms. 

Want extra privacy during the night to ensure total blockout, but some natural light during the day? Perhaps a dual blind system is your jam. 

Or looking for a super stylish, elegant and sleek look? Install some shutters. The window covering world really is your oyster – just make sure you put something there. 

6. Get rid of the clutter

Nothing creates more stress when entering a room than clutter and mess. Your master bedroom should be a tranquil place where you go for peace and quiet at the end of your day, so clear the clutter. 

Keep all non-bedroom items out of the bedroom and make sure everything you do want to include in your bedroom has a specific place to go. Pack it away if possible to ensure clear, open spaces.

7. Use layers

Layers are always a great way to style a room. Whether it’s layered window coverings, a layered bedspread or a rug at the end of your bed, incorporating different colours, textures and styles is totally on trend. 

When it comes to cushions, of course you’ll have your chosen pillows to rest your head on at night, but create a sense of opulence with some extra style cushions such as square European-style pillows layered against some smaller rectangular ones.

Pop a throw at the end of your bed or drape something over your occasional chair.

8. Personalise it

At the end of the day though, whatever you choose to do, make sure your bedroom is yours. It should reflect you – your tastes, your interests and the way you want to utilise the room.

The biggest tip of all however, enjoy the process. The result will be magnificent! 

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