For a long time, neutrals and white-washed interiors have been enjoying their time in the spotlight. Now, though, more and more people are embracing colour, and the tones at the moment seem to be those pops of gorgeous warmth – yep, we’re talking rich and moody jeweled colour palettes. The rich tones add a sense of drama to your interior, but they can also be exceptionally subtle if paired back.

While trends come and go, jewel tones always seem to be floating around. The difference is how much they are being used. When we spoke to interior designer, Emma Blomfield, she emphasised just how much jewel tones continue to evolve. “I don’t see if so much as a trend, but a classic option for a client project,” she says, adding “just like the jewels we wear, they are timeless and elegant tones to add to a space.” Passionate about creating real, meaningful homes for her clients, Emma strives to bring beauty into every single space she steps into, and part of this beauty is incorporating deep, rich, bold colours, if the client wants of course.

On trend

While so many people will talk about trends and fads, Emma is most certainly correct when she talks about jewel tones being something that always seem to be embraced.

While colour is a personal choice and a wonderful way to express our individual personalities, jewel tones have always been associated with high society, prestige and luxury, meaning many have been afraid to use the bold hues.

However, while before we were only seeing the lush greens, navy, deep reds and purples in glamorous hotels or faraway castles, the colours are not limited to these spaces anymore, with more people throwing caution to the wind and incorporating them into their own homes. In fact, the colours combined with different textured fabrics make a space feel even more sophisticated. “When combined with an opulent fabric like a plush crushed velvet the jewel tones give off a really beautiful elegant feel for the space,” Emma says.

Embracing colour

Deep, bold colours are striking ways to create an atmosphere in your home. But you don’t have to go BIG to ensure they make a statement. So here are some ideas, big and small, for how to embrace the bolder shades.

Accessories are a great place to start because you have such a variety of choices. Whether it’s one cushion to make a statement or a few, some artwork, a lovely navy rug or a ruby red throw, these can be moved around as you see fit. Artwork can be an interesting way to introduce bolder colours as well, creating an engaging focal point in a more neutral room.

However, as Emma says, don’t be afraid to go big with jewel tones. Whether it’s painting a wall, reupholstering a bedhead or an armchair, or even bringing in a statement sofa, you may be surprised at just how much you love the effect of the colours. “I’m loving the emerald green tones we’re seeing a lot of when it comes to velvet fabric pieces such as sofas, ottomans, cushions and curtains,” Emma says. “I also love the deep sapphire blues and burgundy/ruby red tones too.”

Another idea is to mix and match your colours. Whether it’s dark timber with a burgundy red or navy blue with mustard yellow, contrasting your colours will add even more flair to your home. If you don’t feel comfortable contrasting colours, you can consider contrasting with monochromes so the jewel hues really pop. Definitely bring in some different textures too.

If you’re really nervous about incorporating colour, then start in places that aren’t so publicly accessible such as the bedroom. Dress your bed with some rich greens or purples, or paint a feature wall with a bold hue.

Plan carefully

As with any design choice, the most important thing is to plan. Using deep purples, emerald greens, rich blues and intense reds can be absolutely gorgeous ways to decorate your home, but you need to consider how your choices will work together, especially with any existing interior design. Ultimately though, don’t be afraid. Colour is a form of expression and jewel tones are a beautiful way to express yourself.

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