From maximalism to Mediterranean, we’ve summarised this year’s key trends in interior and exterior decor.

 Interiors: A world of colour

Interiors: A world of colour

Biophilic design, using nature-inspired elements to emphasise the connection between humans and nature, will continue to dominate indoor spaces in 2024.

This incorporates natural materials, greenery, and earthy tones. You can bring the outdoors inside by introducing potted plants, natural wood furniture and organic textures such as rattan.

Vibrant colour palettes including deep blues, rich greens, and warm terracottas are making a comeback.

Bold colours can be brought into your home through a number of ways such as accent walls, pieces of furniture or if you’re thinking of starting small, grab some vibrant accessories and scatter them around the place. These bold colours add personality and energy to the space.

Maximalism with purpose

Maximalism with purpose is a thoughtful approach for 2024. Instead of overwhelming spaces with excessive decor, designers recommend curated collections of meaningful pieces.

Use statement pieces that tell a story whether it’s art, travel souvenirs or family heirlooms. It’s all about creating a space that reflects your lived experiences.

Sustainability is only growing as a style and life choice, so eco-friendly furniture will continue to be a key trend. Upcycled and repurposed pieces are gaining popularity, combining functionality with environmental consciousness.

Whether it’s finding pieces that are made from reclaimed materials or upcycling your own existing pieces, keeping sustainability front of mind is a great way to reduce waste and add a unique touch to your home.

Exteriors: bring the inside out

Exteriors: bring the inside out

Seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces will continue in 2024, with an emphasis on comfortable outdoor furniture, cozy rugs and soft lighting.

Outdoor spaces are becoming extensions of the home, designed for relaxation and entertainment. Think of it as an outdoor living room where you can curl up on the couch and connect with nature.

Mediterranean moods are infusing 2024 with warm colours, terracotta tiles, and rustic furniture. This exudes a sense of tranquility.

Remember to add a bit of colour with cushions, and the wrought-iron accents that we associate so much with the Mediterranean.

Helioscreen Retractable Roof

Smart technology isn’t limited to the indoors in 2024. Smart outdoor lighting, audio systems, and even automated irrigation are gaining popularity.

Smart outdoor blinds and awnings ensure your space can be used all-year round and in any kind of weather. Control everything with your smartphone.

Pergolas are making a comeback as stylish additions to outdoor spaces. Not only do they provide shade and add an architectural element to your outdoor area, but pergolas can also help define the various spaces of your backyard.

Want an added green touch? Integrate some climbing plants. They’ll look beautiful and also provide a natural shade solution.

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