Our Aussie love of big windows, indoor/outdoor living and full sun takes its toll on our homes and furnishings. So how do you protect your furniture from the sun?

1. Slip, Slop, Slap

Let’s face it, your outdoor furniture will be the most hard working. While technically it’s built to withstand the weather, it doesn’t always cope with the different kinds of weather that Australia gets.

Be kind to your outdoor setting by following some basic rules: always fold up or store when not in use, clean it frequently, and give it an awning or an umbrella to protect it during use.   

Mansours recommend 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics for all outdoor furniture. Durable, easy clean and made to maintain its colour and good looks year after year. See the extensive range and it’s unparalleled performance at www.sunbrella.com/en-us/textiles/upholstery/for-the-home

2. Get proper window coverings

The average Australian home really can’t do without proper protection and often, it’s best in the form of window coverings.

Whether you choose curtains, blinds, shutters or awnings, having something that you can open and close will make a huge difference when it comes to shielding what’s inside, with the added benefit of helping control the heat entering your house.

3. Cover up with fabric

Invest in throws or covers that you can pop over furniture. This protects from sun with the added benefit of being one of 2019’s biggest trends: enhancing texture.


4. Recognise the Need

In Australia, we’re lucky to be blessed with some wonderful weather. Even on winter days, the sun is often shining in Sydney. What’s more low anged winter sun can penetrate further into a homes northern windows than at other times if the year. But remember, on overcast and rainy days, the UV can still be just as strong.

When we buy furniture, we’re not buying something for two or three years. We’re investing in pieces that we’re hoping will last the distance.

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