There’s no denying that homes are becoming more automated. With voice activated lights, control panels to handle everything from heating and cooling solutions to appliances, and voice controlled devices to turn on televisions and music. And yes, our window coverings are even jumping on the bandwagon.

The appeal of motorised window coverings

The benefits of motorised window coverings are endless, from their energy-efficient nature to their convenience:

  • Style – no cords, no dangling strings. Just sleek, sophisticated styling. 
  • Convenience – just a push of a button on a remote control, or activated by an app on your smart device, and you can open and close your blinds or curtains no matter where you are.

Reduce heating and cooling costs – if you have virtual control over your blinds you can make sure they are closed at the right time of day to help lower your electricity costs. You have complete control over how much light and heat you are letting into your home.

Hard to reach windows – high windows or skylights can be hard to furnish because you simply can’t reach cords to open or close the windows, let alone the window coverings. With motorised blinds, you can do it all.

Integration with our homes

The ability to control heat and light in our homes with the click of a button may be astounding to some, but for others, the automation of our window coverings hasn’t happened quickly enough. Blinds and curtains can be automated by voice control, smart device apps or even on timers so you can ensure your home is always covered appropriately.

This is especially important as we reach the height of the summer months. As we all start to go back to work for the new year, being able to actively control the amount of sun and heat coming into our homes before we even reach the door is amazing. Simply program the app to close the blinds at a specific time of the day, or login and do it manually – it’s really as easy as A,B,C. In Sydney, this is especially pertinent for windows or doors facing west. In the hotter months, west-facing rooms can become unbearable, both in terms of heat and visibility, as the sun begins to set. 

And when it comes to voice control, it may sound a little bit fancy to direct Alexa or Google Home to set the scene but it’s really a pretty cool feature. Imagine this: the sun is beginning to set and the light is becoming irritating, but you’re busy slaving over the stove lovingly cooking the family dinner. Alexa will do the work for you as long as you’ve programmed her of course – ‘Hey Alexa, play sunset scene’ – all of a sudden, your blinds are going down like magic.

The times, they are a changin’

Whether you’re automating every element of your home, or picking and choosing which areas to address specifically, home automation is becoming more and more more mainstream as technology rapidly changes.

While many people have embraced automation software such as Alexa and Google Home to turn on their televisions, play their music and even read out recipes for them in the kitchen, more homes are also installing automated features for lighting, heating and cooling solutions, and yes, even window coverings. The convenience, energy-efficiency and customisation speak for themselves.

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