A motorised blind is an interior or exterior window covering controlled by a motor to open and close. They help with controlling heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Remote controlled, wall switches or integration into automation system can all be used to operated curtains, blinds and awnings.

Read on for a guide to motorised blinds.

1. Motorised blinds are great for safety

Having a window covering that has absolutely nothing a little child can reach is a big drawcard. There’s nothing tempting for little hands and you can easily adjust the amount of light coming into your home or specific rooms at the simple touch of a button.

2. Motorised blinds can cover awkward windows

Always wanted to cover those high windows but never have the energy to grab the ladder to open and close the blinds? Enter motorised blinds. They’re also great for skylights, especially if they’re in bedrooms, as they can be closed overnight to avoid the sun coming through the window or skylight too early in the morning.

3. Motorised blinds look great

They’re oh so trendy – yes, you read that right. Not only are motorised blinds super practical but they’re also very on trend.

While previously they were only for the rich and famous among us, motorised blinds are now becoming a fashionable and accessible option for sleek, stylish window coverings.

4. Motorised blinds work both indoors and outdoors

There are both internal and external options for your automated window coverings, all offering convenience, security and maximum energy efficiency for your home.

Interior motorised blinds can come with an option to be synced to open and close at a specific time. This means when the westerly Sydney sun hits, and you’re not home, your blinds will close automatically. You’ll come home to a cool house rather than a hot, stuffy nightmare.

Even your curtains can be motorised to open and close at the touch of a button, meaning you never have to get out of bed to let the light stream in.  And don’t worry if you lose the remote or the power goes out, our range of motorised curtains all have manual override features.

Exterior motorised blinds are a great way to cool down your outdoor area when required.

Exterior Venetian blinds are a great option to allow you to play with the amount of sun you want to enter your home. The venetian blinds can be open or closed to a degree to still allow light and privacy while blocking out the sun.

Motorised awnings come in all shapes and sizes and are the perfect option to provide shade and shelter in your outdoor area.

Whatever option you choose, motorised window coverings are stylish and offer extreme comfort. They’re easy to use, convenient and elegant.

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