February is notorious for being a rainy month in Sydney. It’s also notorious for being hot. So what are some great ways to cool your home?

When it comes to cooling down, there are loads of myths out there that we all buy into. It’s ok, we can admit it too. So let’s bust some.

Myth #1 – you need to turn down your air con

Contrary to popular opinion, turning down your air con is not the solution to cool your home. It blows out your energy bill, it creates more wear and tear on your unit, and it doesn’t make you feel that much cooler.

So here’s a tip from Choice Magazine: set the air conditioning temperature to a maximum temperature differential of 8 degrees. This means the difference between outside and inside should be no higher than 8 degrees. For example, on a 30-degree day, set the air con to 22 degrees.

Myth #2 – fans work wonders

Ceiling and stand fans are a fantastic way to cool down, but only if you’re right in the firing line. While it’s true that fans are the cheapest air conditioner you can buy, you need to be smart about how you’re using them to cool your home.

First, remember to change the direction of your ceiling fan. In summer, your fan should be set to run counter-clockwise. This creates a wind-chill breeze effect. Another idea is to use a bowl full of ice in front of the fan or a wet towel draped over it. The fan then circulates the cool air created by the water, rather than the stale air that’s idle in the room.

Myth #3 – open your windows and doors

Sydney has a huge range of housing types, from standalone homes to terraces to apartments. The one thing all great homes have in common? Insulation.

Whether you’re not keen on running your aircon 24/7 or you simply don’t have any, keep your doors and windows closed, install some blinds and rely on your insulation to keep hot air from getting in.

An even better solution is external window coverings. The excellent thing about this option is that it blocks the heat from even touching the windows which means it’s another layer of protection against that afternoon sun. External blinds and awnings also help with the wet weather so really, they’re a win/win.

Summer’s not over yet and February is set to be scorching. If you haven’t already set up your home to deal with the heat, get cracking.

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