In the ever-evolving world of interior design, the palette of cool colours continues to be a timeless choice, providing a soothing ambience and promoting relaxation.

Decorating with Cool Tones

This year, integrating cool tones into your decor is a fantastic way to balance the energy of warmer colours, in turn, creating a harmonious living space.

Understanding the psychology of cool colours

Cool colours, including shades of blue, green, and purple, evoke a sense of calmness and tranquility, and bring a feeling of spaciousness and serenity to any room.

Psychologically, these hues are known to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and even promote better sleep. 

Cool tones create a peaceful environment, making them an excellent choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. For example, when faced with a client brief asking for coastal-inspired serenity, Studio Gestalt used various techniques including a dual-layer curtain system, a variety of calming textures and tones.

Understanding the psychology of cool colours

Peach fuzz: a perfect counterpoint to cool colours

Pantone Colour of the Year 2024 is all about warmth and connection: meet Peach Fuzz.

According to the Pantone story, Peach Fuzz is a velvety gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul.

“In seeking a hue that echoes our innate yearning for closeness and connection, we chose a colour radiant with warmth and modern elegance,” executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute, Leatrice Eiseman said.

“[It’s] a shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless.”

It’s also a gorgeous compliment to cool colours including strong greys and rich greens.

Peach fuzz: a perfect counterpoint to cool colours

Integrating cool tones into your decor

Cool colours can be incorporated through accent walls or furniture pieces. Paint one wall in a soft blue or green hue to create a focal point in the room.

Pair this with furniture in complementary shades to maintain a cohesive look. For instance, a plush sofa against a pale blue wall can be a stunning combination when accentuated with Peach Fuzz cushions.

Integrating cool tones into your decor

Cool colours can also look beautiful as patterned accents, which adds another layer of texture to your room. Take this pattern from designers working with The Textile Company for example. Paired with warmer colours through plants and flowers, the wallpaper really shines. Wallpaper can also be very effective when you use matching accessories, like in this example from The Fabric Editors.

Hang artwork or display decorative pieces that feature cool tones. Consider art with ocean scenes, landscapes, or abstract patterns in shades of blue or green. Intersperse Viva Magenta decor pieces strategically to add drama and a contemporary edge to the room.

Embracing cool tones

Embracing cool tones in your decor is a wonderful way to achieve a sense of tranquility and balance in your living space. The fusion of cool colours with vibrant and bold can be a game-changer, allowing you to express yourself while maintaining a serene ambience, creating a living space that truly reflects your style and personality.

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