Let’s face it, our window coverings have to handle a lot – sun and wind streaming into rooms, dust particles in the air. But there are several ways to ensure your window coverings are always in tip-top shape.

If you regularly maintain your window coverings and keep them clean, they’ll last a lot longer than if you leave them be. And there are some simple tricks you can do to ensure they always look their best.

4 Ways to Keep Your Window Coverings in Tip Top Shape

1. Simple wipe downs

When it comes to window coverings, sometimes a simple wipe down is enough. Venetian blinds are especially susceptible to dust, but they’re also very easy to keep clean. 

Completely lower the blinds, close them so they’re closed but not fully closed. Working your way from the top-down, wipe the blinds with a microfiber cloth. Flip the blinds and repeat.

Simple wipe downs

2. Yes, you can use the vacuum

A lot of people may be afraid of using the vacuum on your window coverings. What we all need to remember though is that window coverings, including heavy duty curtains or Roman blinds are actually quite robust. Plus, many vacuum cleaners have an upholstery function meaning it’s purpose-built to handle dust on fabrics. 

Some vacuum cleaners will also come with a dusting brush which may be useful for blinds such as Venetians. It’s also a good idea to use an extendable handle on the hard to reach areas at the top of the window frame, as that can actually be where the most dust accumulates.

Yes, you can use the vacuum

3. Don’t use harsh chemicals

Blinds and curtains are robust but they’re still sensitive to the wrong kind of treatment. Often, stains will come out simply by spot-cleaning with some dish soap and warm water. 

If it’s a heavier stain, some baking soda will help. Once you’ve dabbed the stain with the dish soap and baking soda, remember to moisten it again with warm plain water to wash off the excess and let it air-dry. If there’s ever a stain that doesn’t come off for you, it’s definitely time to get the experts in. 

If your blinds are in high-traffic areas where they’re bound to get quite dirty, such as the kitchen or laundry, they may require a deep clean. There are ways to do this yourself, but when in doubt, definitely consult the experts.

Don’t use harsh chemicals

4. Don’t forget the outdoors

Outdoor window coverings have to deal with a lot. They take the brunt of the weather, whether it’s rain, hail, snow, or sunshine, protecting your home from the elements. 

Cleaning outdoor window coverings are much the same as indoors, but be prepared to get a bit dirtier and be prepared to handle heavier-duty stains. 

One of the most important things to remember when cleaning your outdoor coverings is to immediately tend to things such as bird droppings, soil, sand, or vegetable matter that may come into contact with the fabric as these can easily stain and those stains are very difficult, if not impossible, to remove. And key also is to always leave the awning or blind to fully dry before you roll it back away.

Don’t forget the outdoors

5. Maintenance over repair

As with most things in life, it’s crucial to regularly perform maintenance on your window coverings. This means dusting and cleaning often. 

Maintenance not only ensures your window coverings look nice, but it also ensures dust particles are swept away often and means they’ll last longer. It’s a win/win/win.

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