Curtains are an extremely versatile window furnishing treatment. Fabric and pleat selection greatly affects the look of a curtain and therefore the character of the room and an entire home. Elegant and sophisticated or contemporary, minimalist looks are each achieved by the careful selection of specific pleats, fabrics, trim details and decorative tracking.

Mansours are Sydney’s original custom window treatment specialists, and after 75 years in the business, are experts in curtain design, crafting and installation.

Curtains in particular are difficult to do well. Mansours know how to make the most of your property, their fabric, hardware and installation specialists know how combine their skills to create smooth well-functioning, aesthetic curtains that compliment any space.

Mansours have the most extensive fabric library in Sydney, having worked with all of the leading international and Australian fabric houses for generations. Lose yourself in the beautiful designs on display at their Annandale Showroom, and let them guide you through your final selection and the practicalities of curtain solutions.

Whether your taste is Contemporary or Classic or yet to be decided, take advantage of their years of expertise, and be reassured that all Mansours curtain products are guaranteed for 5 years and Made in Australia.

The right curtains can transform a simple space into somewhere extraordinary.


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