Compact Awnings

Mansours has selected their collection of Awnings to suit the needs of every space. While style and quality are always important, outdoor fittings involve practicalities that must be expertly considered through the design process. The range offers products to suit a variety of widths and mountings, custom colours, flexible shade angles and optional motorisation.

Discus Folding Arm Awnings

The Discus Folding Arm is a stylish, compact awning, designed for demanding residential and commercial applications.

With a fully enclosed cassette only 124mm high and 234mm deep when retracted, this awning provides optimal protection for both the fabric and the working mechanism against dirt, rain and humidity. Its compact design makes it ideal for either a top fix, wall fix or a recessed mounting installation.

Each awning is custom powder coated to provide a durable, long lasting paint finish in any of the Dulux powder coat colours.

The tilting arm bracket mechanism is incorporated into the extruded aluminium frame, designed for extra strength and stability. It can be set at any angle up to 35°.

Single awning units can measure up to 7 metres in length and 3.5 metres in projection while coupled units are able to extend up to 14 metres acting as a single awning.

The unit is fully motorised with an optional hand held remote control as well as sun, wind and timer systems.

Stratos 1 Folding Arm Awnings

The Stratos I Folding Arm awning is a high quality sun shade solution the mechanism and fabric bundle are not enclosed within an aluminium cassette. This versatile awning can be fitted as a top fix, wall fix or recessed installation.

Where installations can be well protected, such as under roof eaves, the Stratos I is an ideal awning for home or retail spaces. Where additional protection is required the awning can be fitted with an extruded aluminium pelmet in your choice of colour.

The Stratos 1 extends up to 21 metres wide with up to 4 metres projection, and can be operated manually or can be motorised.

‘Oversquare’ Feature: The Stratos 1 can incorporate the ‘Oversquare’ feature, enabling the projection to be greater than the width. This can be ideal where awnings need to be narrow, as in terraces, balconies and courtyards.

‘Select-a-pitch’ Feature: Another special feature of the Stratos I is the angle adjusting system ‘Select-a-pitch’. With this feature you can change the angle of the awning to block the morning or afternoon sun, or even use it as a rain shelter in calm conditions. Any angle from horizontal to vertical can be easily and quickly set, with the crank handle adjusting both arms simultaneously. This allows easy fabric cleaning when the awning is in the vertical position.

‘Premium Arm Adjusters’ can also be added when individual arm angle adjustment is required.

Australian expertise to deal with the harsh Australian sun.


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